Juneau Rendezvous

March 5, 2019

Due to suboptimal conditions at the venue, this Rendezvous was abbreviated following announcement of release of UAA Outdoor Recreation Industry Economic Impact study

Opportunities in Juneau

  • Attracting independent travelers

  • Creation of common group clubs, recreation interest ( e.g., ski, kayak, running, etc.)

  • Post-rec activity - socializing at local restaurants, bars, picnics, etc.

  • Heli-skiing

  • Kayak guiding

  • Charter fishing

  • Trail running

  • Skiing Eagle Crest

  • Wildlife tours – whales, birds, bears, Mtn. goats

  • Wilderness camping – hut trips, wild beaches

  • Eating and harvesting wild foods

  • Focus on people’s wilderness abilities

  • Competitive recreation leagues (softball, baseball, rugby, beach volleyball

  • Building hut to hut opportunities

  • Ice Caves

  • Nordic skiing, winter tourism

  • Increasing car and auto accessibility and capacity – Auke Bay

  • Historical tours of Treadwell Mine Area

Challenges in Juneau

  • Balancing local and tourist interests

    • Perception of exceeding limits of acceptable change

      • Locals

      • Visitors

(Note: infrastructure ……..????….disperse cruise ship passengers)

  • Limited sporting goods, vendors to adequately support expansion of rec. activities

(could be difficulties in operating a viable business locally)

  • USFS capacity to manage visitor access

  • More access to public land

  • Funding for recreation