Anchorage Rendezvous, April 18 


Lack of connectivity

Transportation – public***

Long trails


Lack of “middle” sector

Tourism ops. For young, adventurous, indy travelers

Hard to know what to do or where to get info

State Marketing doesn’t address the young, adventurous, indy traveler

Lack of marketing funding & perceived effectiveness

Cost of construction and development

Exclusion of disabled community

Exclusion of the global majority

Infrastructure doesn’t match the quality of landscape

Uncertainty w/RTP

Why don’t we have 10k miles of trails?

Trail connectivity & loops

Politics think outdoors = crazy greenies

Continuity @ the State Parks director level

Funding decreases for state parks

Tax Base – the AK disconnect

Long Trail

Connection to marketing world

Marketing to wrong people

Length of season

No investment in Marketing

Winter poorly advertised

Poor integration of communities

Hard to build on state land

Some lack of community support

Grumpy, curmudgeon Alaskans

“Locals Only” not eager to share “secret” spots

Minimal emphasis on Winter


Variety of experiences

Variety of weather

Tons of terrain

Trails systems in Anchorage 

Mystique: big, far, wild

Wild landscape, wild life

Tax payer support – Muni Bonds (since 2014)

World Class Scenery

PubLic and Private Cabins

Not crowded


World Class hunting and fishing

Trail advocates and volunteers : AK trail stewards

Full Spectrum : pedestrian to truly extreme

Inclusivity (inclusive playgrounds)

DWS & Ocean Access

Active culture, subsistence

Chugach S.P.



Trail Grooming

333 miles (Cantwell & Peters Creek)

2k snow machine trails through grant program

Vibrant outdoor community

Nordic skiing infrastructure

Elite/extreme sports

Iditarod, Denali, and Northern Lights only here! – True Wilderness – AK Native Culture


  • Website w/most hiking trails in AK

  • Public lands marketing strategy

  • Make ATIA less shitty

  • Stop doing the marketing for the cruise company

  • Target cruise companies $ visitors and independent travelers

  • Spend more money on advertising as a state

  • Non – summer opportunities : 4 season

  • Market more for non-consumptive uses

  • Develop a cohort with reps from every industry and develop a state-wide, multi-agency industry marketing plan

  • Create a state identity around human-powered, wild land experiences


  • Develop a youth maintenance crew (think “YEP”) but for state

  • Fairbanks needs a trail system similar to Far North Bicentennial Park

  • Bridges over the gorges

  • Long term leases for a hut-to-hut system if someone can get rich off it, they’ll build it

  • Don’t be afraid to close bad trails and make loop and destination trails

  • Hut-to-hut system

  • More support for public funds/volunteer labor for projects/an Alaska branded trail system

  • Interconnected Anchorage trails; coastal trail to Muldoon/JBER/Chugiak

  • Invest in maintenance, not just new construction – 100% sustainable trail system 

Advocacy - Issues

  • Creating ops for underserved  to access public lands

  • Increase economic, ethnic, and age diversity on public lands.  Decrease barriers to access

  • Focus RTP on large state park projects – no more phases

  • Expand Anchorage park service area boundaries to include all of Anchorage Bowl

  • Resume Protection

  • Incorporate indigenous voices

    • Empower diverse and underserved youth by development and education, training program (ex. Brit. Col./Can Mtn Bike youth trail development org.)

    • Lack of ADA disability access & facilities

Business Development Assistance

Don’t cut RTP funding 

  • Connect w/Biz association

  • Tap into “Bed Tax” – General fund issues

  • Create a tax source for O.R. office

  • Create an O.R. office “Liaison” for other industries (ex oil, airlines, etc.)to meet reg & get those industries to value O.R.

  • Get businesses buy in – show them that there is value in them being @ the table & true partners

  • Support small guides & small companies (bike shops, etc.)

  • “Red Rocks” type pass – good for trekking, packing @ MSB, state parks, etc.

  • Trails/Rec Dev. As a renewable resource/industry

  • Support lodge owners who especially groom


  • Statewide snowmobile system

  • Open working relationship and communication between fed and state park

  • Agreed – Who cares which land mgr. owns it – one complete system

10 Years from Today

  • State office of outdoor Rec.

  • Hut-to-hut

  • Epic loop trail

  • Coastal trail connector

  • Legal access to Knik & Matanuska

  • 20 communities as “gateway”

  • Consistent (tax), predictable funding

  • Recreation with “Soul” keeping community attributes

  • Business Community Support

  • Trail connections +/or long trail

  • Marketing program that celebrates existing opportunities